Bright Solar has a Bright Future Indeed!

Bright solar received great news recently in this current year! Brilliant sun based has won a Gold Star at the lofty India Rooftop Solar Congress Awards 2019 for Rural Electrification Project of the Year and Rising Star Award for Rooftop Solar EPC Company of the Year for Residential Projects. Amazing! Is it accurate to say that it isn’t astonishing?

Bright Future

In the wake of winning these two esteemed honors, everybody at Bright sun powered is glad and extremely pleased to be a piece of an honor winning organization. Without a doubt, it has been a stunning adventure up until this point. Brilliant sun powered has been regarded with numerous different honors and regard for different accomplishments.

Since it’s commencement in the year 2010, Bright Solar has been a leader in creating, assembling and selling astounding items that keep running on the clean and cost-accommodating sun oriented vitality. All the achievement that Bright sun based has accomplished is because of it’s responsibility to conveying on schedule and stretching out viable support of its customers. In the key, Bright sun oriented has its own standards. It has endeavored incredible endeavors to carefully pursue these standards. Release me through the standards Bright sun based live by :

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Renewable Energy : Karnataka Sets An Example For Other States In India

India’s future seems to be bright as the renewable energy industry has been growing rapidly. There has been a systematic growth of the renewable energy industry for the last few years in India. The overall progress in India is quite impressive, however, we need to take a look at the individual growth of renewable energy of each state in India separately.

Renewable Energy

To assess the actual growth in green energy adaption, we will need to identify the progress rate of the different state in India. Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu have shown notable growth in the renewable energy industry. But Karnataka state has the highest renewable energy rate that is 27% of its power generation is from renewable energy. Karnataka state has shown great success rate in installation and adaption of renewable energy over the last few years.

Presently, the installed renewable energy capacity of Karnataka is 12.3 GW and 5.2 out of this capacity is solar. So this success rate of Karnataka has encouraged other states to follow the trails to increase the contribution in Solar revolution. Now the question might raise that how Karnataka has achieved this success.

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